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What is going on with eARC update for the soundbar HW-Q90R?


Hi everyone,


I need some clarification, as to be honest the Samsung support staff are hopeless with knowing anything about their own products. 

I was on chat with support enquiring about the eARC firmware update for this soundbar, he replies to me saying it doesn't have eARC?! 

the whole reason I purchased it was because of this update, I have the LG C9 which is eARC!


if they don't provide this firmware update to allow it, then this soundbar is going back for a refund. 

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yes as I said I had to turn back my xbox to Dolby Digital setting and not Atmos because of the lip sync issue...hundreds of people are mentioning this, I even got in touch with Dolby team and they said they have no fix for this and nothing planned for the future...
And what about games,are they having lip sync issues?

I've been hearing Earc will fix this but it looks like q90r isn't getting that at all. Samsung are a joke big liars

Im using nvidia shield tv pro and have yet to face any issues. I have the c9 LG tv and the netflix app works way better (sound/image) on the shield.

If you are no longer able to use Dolby Atmos audio using the Xbox Netflix App: Uninstall, then reinstall the Xbox Dolby Access App. That fixed this problem for me.

unistall, then reinstall the dolby access app.

Yesterday Xbox Dolby Access app got an update and now supports "Dolby Atmos Upmix" which you can activate in the app.


Just wondering if that has any impact how it works with Soundbar or through C9?

Do I need to pay 15$ for Dolby Access or I can use it for free?

@zoric wrote:
Do I need to pay 15$ for Dolby Access or I can use it for free?

no. the home theatre option is free, only the headphone version costs a one time fee. 

I have read through this entire thread and it has been very interesting but also disheartening. I bought a Panasonic GZ1000 and the HW-Q90R soundbar together. Neither have eARC bit unlike Samsung, Panasonic has made no promises to add it. I'm still holding out hope that both companies will add this feature via a firmware update but I'm not holding my breath either. 


Anyways, I want to let people know about some other issues with this soundbar. The Atmos is great and it sounds very good. However, there are two glaring problems. 1) It does NOT allow Dolby Vision video passthrough from either an Xbox One X or Apple TV 4K. I bought two 8K/48Gbps HDMI cables to rule that out and all settings are set correctly. It simply does not pass through Dolby Vision from my two sources. Thie is very annoying because these are common sources and I bought the GZ1000 specifically for its ability to accept all HDR formats. The fact that Samsung has decided to not include Dolby Vision on a soundbar that is sold independently of their TVs is inexcusable. I don't care if they think theor HDR10+ needs help getting traction. 2) When try passing the signal through my TV to the bar via ARC I get Dolby Vison but also lip-sync issues that the bar's SYNC settings' coarse 25ms adjustment can not fix. So either i get the best video quality or sound quality but not both... This what led me to this forum because eARC should theoretically fix the lip-sync problem. Why this is even an issue with top of the line TVs and soundbars is beyond explanation and not. a eingle sales person or reviewer mentioned these problems during my extensive research before buying these two items. I hope this info helps others make more informed buying decisions.

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