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Universal Remote, Sky Q and Q90R Soundbar



I have just purchased an Q90R soundbar and I'm having some initial set up problems and was wondering if anyone had experienced any of the same issues.

I have connected sound bar directly to TV (Q7 2017 model) and Sky Q 2TB and Xbox One X in HDMI 1 and 2. From what I have read this seems to be the best option to avoid lip sync issues. I haven't experienced any lip sync issues that others have mentioned. I assume that this is because I have connected the speaker directly to the TV then my devices to the speaker.

I have set the sound to surround mode but appeared to be getting very little or no volume from rear speakers when watching TV. I was watching Premier League in UHD and didn't appear to be getting any sound from rear speakers. I downloaded Saving Private Ryan from sky movies which is UHD and Atmos and while I did notice a little more sound than football didn't think it was as it should be. I have now adjusted the rear speakers to +6 in the settings and this has certainly made a difference for Saving Private Ryan.


In my TV sound settings I have HDMI Input Audio Format set to Bitstream and Digital Output Audio Format set to Dolby Digital. For some reason the Dolby Digital + is greyed out.
Any opinions on best settings and connections would be appreciated. Very disappointed with the instruction manual that came with TV and was hoping for a YouTube video showing best set up but haven't been able to find one.

There is a setting on the soundbar that says virtual. Does anyone have this on?

I have noticed that I don't seem to be able to update rear speaker firmware. I followed the instructions to do this and the Sub light blinked red as it said it would but the rear speakers didn't. Also it said it would take 10 minutes which was more like 1. When I try to do it again the update message flashes for a split second then disappears and the speaker just continues to operate. Does anyone know if this just means that the firmware is already up to date or could this be a fault?

The final thing I haven't managed to get working is the universal remote. When I first set it up it let me access the Sky guide button when pressing the home button on the universal remote but then i noticed it wouldn't change the volume. So I set it up again to get volume working which it does now but guide button disappeared. All it does now when pressing the home button is display about 10 regional variations of BBC 1.

Does anyone have this working to control TV sound bar and sky? Was hoping one remote would do the lot and would have been sorted if the volume worked on first setup. Seems very strange that it has given different options the second time I set it up. 

Any help much appreciated.



Hi @Marcusdr! I would personally get in touch with the Samsung AudioVisual team about this. They are experts of both TVs and Soundbars and always happy to help. They can be contacted here: 0333 000 0333.


I'm sure they might be if you can actually get in touch with them. Been on hold for an hour now when it said it was a 5 minute wait. 


On a separate issue why does the Samsung UK support section have a different software version for this soundbar to the Samsung US and Australia support pages. 1007.9 on UK and 1008.0 on others. 


An hour on hold to speak to someone who then hung up the phone because she clearly didn't know what she was doing. Samsungs customer support really is awful. 

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