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UBD-K8500 Blu-Ray Disc Issue

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I have around 300-400 Blu-Ray discs and Dvd's and all these play on this player, until the other day when I purchased the Region Free Hobbs & Shaw from Amazon, this is a universal disc and I have others that are also from Universal and they all play, anyway the Hobbs & Shaw disc loads, you can see the picture change on the Blu-Ray Player dashboard, then bang the message 'The Disc does not meet the specification' appears and spits out the disc, now the player is on firmware 1015, also I have tested the disc in a PS4 and this works, now I have wasted time talking to the TV & AV Team, spent 40 mins on the phone, 1 explaining what the issue was, then having to spell out the title of the film, 2 explaining what Region Free means, to get in the end nothing, I have been on twitter, which is where I started and they could not help, they are the ones that told me to ring the TV & AV Team, so round in circles we go, I have tried to explain the issue to Samsung, who won't give me a straight answer to the issue, but it seems to be when the Universal graphic interface should appear this is when the Samsung Player complains, where as the PS4 just plays the ***** thing. The big concern of this is that this is the 1st disc that this happens on, what is to say in the future more discs have this issue, does this mean the player which is just over 1 year old is useless, and I then have to go and buy a new player , just to keep up with the Film industry changing standards they use on the players, or could Samsung take note of people letting them know that a disc has an issue, then they could look into if this can be a simple fix to the firmware or say that they don't support these titles, what I would like to know, is how many discs can this player not play, just because they may or may not have an agreement with a Film Studio.

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I have the same problem - first time I have seen it but there appears to be a problem on the Knives Out BR which has just come out... Played other new BRs recently with no issues. Samsung - is there going to be a firmware fix as I checked for updates and none were available?


Thanks, John


Well back again, it seems the new bad boys for life movie on blu-ray has the same issue, the one thing I have noticed when playing thes discs on other players that have no issues is the 1st boot up of the disc, it has a little image in the center of the screen with a loading progress, this seems to be causing an issue with the Samsung player, again I have hit twitter and they recommend I get it looked at, now what part of the conversation when I say it plays all of my blu rays which is into 300+ and yet it won't play these 2 new discs that have come out, don't you understand that getting the player inspected again will make no difference in making it play the two discs, I wish I could get it into Samsung's head that this would and could be fixed with a firmware update, but they don't seem to think so, it must be a problem with my player, will wait and see if they respond to my Twitter 


I've had the same problem , have tried to call the support team who just kept telling me ' I understand' clearly they did'nt , i was told I'd get an email and a phone call within 24 hours clearly that hasn't happened , like others can this problem be fixed or do we need to buy new players and charge the cost back to Samsung for not having a firmware update to clear this problem. 

It's common knowledge that Samsung are pulling out of the players market but they should fulfil their support to customers who already have their products


Had the same problem and been passed from pillar to post for nearly a year now with this. Their customer service isn't fit for purpose. Even worse when you do try the help line you're put on hold for ages listening to pious messages about how much they care for their customers. Absolute pish. Either refund, replace or sort out a firmware update. The machine is screwed and you can't still be denying It and fobbing people off. 

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