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swa9000s speakers no more

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Hi new to forum with this post.

I bought a hwq80 soundbar 7 months ago with a view to adding rear speakers later.

I have since decorated my lounge wallpaper of course leaving the wires poking out of the walls.

ready to purchase the only rear speakers i am aware of that works with the soundbar  only to find out they are discontinued. Are there any other options for rear speakers fitted to wall for this soundbar.

Thanks in advance


@sopranodave: I see what you mean. The user manual doesn't have any alternative suggestions for the rear speakers, unfortunately. I will pass this on to our AV Specialists, and will get back to you with any feedback they provide. 


I have the same issue. Bought the HW-Q80R with a view to adding the rear speakers later. I now feel a bit cheated as I could have waited until I could afford the Q90.

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