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SWA9000s question

(Topic created on: 11-08-2020 08:50 AM)

Hi All,


Starting a new thread (sorry if this is annoying anyone) about the sound issues. Now i think i am just looking for more of a final answer. I Brought the SWA9000s rear speakers to compliment my HW - N850 soundbar and Q90 Qled. The Sound already is a huge improvement over the TV speaker. I wanted that bit more of a atmospheric touch though. I play a few games and love watching movies with my wife. 


Now, we have them set up and connected. As a lot of people have said before, the rear speaker are very low, they do not repeat the same sound as the front speakers on the sound bad but i believe this is to be normal? The rears are only for ambient sounds i think? Which is highlighted when i play judgement on the PS4 and walk into a bar, the sound of glasses and people chatting away do appear from behind, which does sound loud. Any other sounds is quiet from the the speakers though? Listening to music doesnt really give me that full on sound though.


I am just looking for someone here with way more experience than me, or a Moderator to confirm? Is this how all rears are meant to work? Can you change the mode of them for music to be louder? I have already set their volume to 6.


Any advice would be great!