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Spotify very loud on Soundbar HW-Q90R

(Topic created on: 17-01-2020 02:18 PM)
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When Inuse Spotify connect to connect my IPhone to my Soundbar and subsequently adjust the volume on my IPhone, the volume suddenly jumps to an extremely high level on the Soundbar and indicates “Halfway” on the IPhone. Have to adjust al the way to it lowest setting on the phone to have a somewhat acceptable background level and subsequent volume adjustments  can only be done very coarse. Any Idea how to fix this?

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Problem is the same on Android. It's because the soundbar volume 0-100 converts to a bad slider. Normally I listen below 20 on soundbar volume scale and hiting that position on the volume slider on phone is almost impossible. It's even more impossible on computer Spotify app. The slider is so small there. There should be a setting that limits wifi volume so one could set their min max and the volume sliders slide between those numbers (eg 0-50)
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I have an Android device and also have the same issue. The volume is ok when it first starts but if you try to increase/decrease the volume from.the phone it gets crazy loud.

Until Samsung/Spotify sort it out my work around is before changing volume, I pause the track.

I only have this problem when I select my soundbar in 'devices' in the Spotify app. I than takes over the volume from my phone which, most of the time, is on max. Now I pause the playback before selecting the soundbar and set the volume very low. I don't have problems when playing.

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Same issue here with the Q70R soundbar,

Seems to only occur when using the SmartThings App

Steps to reproduce:

Start Spottify on iPhone.

Play Music.

Volume is set to 10 for example.

Open the SmartThings App

See your Soundbar, it says its playing Spotify.

Click on in to open it.

<BOOM> Sound goes up to 50 of 100

set it lower again.

Go back in SmartThings app.. reopen the Soundbar and <BOOM> again


iOS Version 13.3.1

SmartThings App and Soundbar are latest versions.




I also encountered this issue. Would love some feedback from Samsung on this, if it is an issue with the soundbar to be solved or that it is in the Spotify and SmartThings app.


If Samsung would include some kind of night function that would already help a lot:

After Virtual Sound, add another option maximum volume where you can select anything from 10 - 100 or at least some steps (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60)


Ive had my soundbar few weeks now. This happened to me yesterday jumped all the way up tp 45 from 10.. Do Samsung actually look on here to see the issues going on? might be worth us all tweeting them with the same issue, may get looked at.

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Same problem here. I think Samsung isn't interested in solving this problem. They just want to sell and if you bought something, you're alone. 
The Spotify sound issue is so annoying and every time my friends are here and forgot not to regulate the volume by phone...the whole house knows what I'm listening to. 

Samsung pls get up and solve this problem. It's not just two people having this horrible sound issue! 

Send them a message on Twitter, hopefully more people that do it might make them sort it.
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I'm also facing this issue, this is very annoying and i'm almost afraid to use Spotify connect on my soundbar because of this failure. That would be much appreciated that samsung takes this issue into consideration asap.