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Soundbar Q800T > control Spotify with Alexa

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I own a Q800T soundbar which supports Spotify Connect (which works fine) and Alexa (which also works).

Now I want to control Spotify via Alexa by saying "Alexa, play Wonderwall on Spotify".
Alexa replies with "Spotify is not supported on this device". Which is strange because why shouldn't it work if Spotify Connect works fine?

After talking to Spotify Support and trying different solutions, I still encounter the same problem.
The Amazon/Alexa support wasn't helpful in these regards either.

My question now: Is it supposed to work? Does it work for one of you?


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same problem. I can alexa control the volume but not Spotify playback.  They sell it as Alexa ready. Don't suppose you've solved  this?

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We have the same problem with our Q950T. Has anyone figured this out?

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I have the same problem with my Q950T. If I ask for music via spotify Alexa tells me "here's music from spotify" and then I hear nothing. Amazon music works fine. I kind of assumed that as it is Alexa enabled, it would work as any other Alexa device does. I'm finding out this is very much not the case, disappointing.

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I have the same problem. I've chosen this soundbar to be able to use it with Alexa and cannot use Spotify on it? That is not what I expected...

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Same problem here... doe samsung have an information about this limitation?

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I have same issue with Q800T ... i found this link that said a firmware update is coming.   Can anyone from Samsung confirm / give date :

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Same problem... alexa repeats  the request back but no sound plays


I have the same problem with my Q70T soundbar - alexa plays amazon music and Tuned in radio content but not BBC Sounds or Spotify. Very Frustrated. get the same message saying spotify is not supported. 


Any ideas welcome 

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I have the same response "Spotify is not supported on this device" on my Soundbar Q800T an BTW this one has Alexa build-in not just Alexa ready. Region Eastern Europe. Samsung support any help?

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