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Soundbar no longer turns on with tv

(Topic created on: 14-01-2021 07:13 AM)

Hi, I have a samsung K series tv - bought in 2017 and a Samsung hw-j355 bought at the same time. Up until recently the sound connect has been working flawlessly but it has now stopped turning on the the sound bar. Once on it connects and it responds to the tv remote with no problems.  Why would it have stopped working?? I’ve tried removing it from the tv and re-pairing it. I’ve tried a factory reset on the tv but it hasn’t worked. I’m kind of out of ideas! Any suggestions would be welcome!

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I had a power cut yesterday and then the issue returned. I have just fixed it with my solution above ^^^^


Turn your tv on and your soundbar on.

First, check that your soundbar is still PAIRED with the tv:

- Settings

- Sound 

- Sound Output

- Speaker List

If the Soundbar shows up here, it is already Paired. However it is only Connected if it says "Connected" next to it. I was having to go into these Settings and select "Connect" every time (but you just need to check first that your Soundbar is indeed Paired, in order to Connect automatically).


To connect automatically:

- Press the source button on Sound remote to rotate through the options until it says "BT Ready"

- Press & hold the "Play/pause" button on the sound remote for 5 seconds (until the Soundbar says "On - Tv Remote") 


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I can vouch that fiddling with the Anynet+ settings does fix the issue.

After probably a year looking for a solution to this, I got it. Before, I'd reset the TV to fix, but it didn't work every time, sometimes I had to reset the TV multiple times, or even in different days until it eventually worked.

To level the ground, this solution only works if you got the soundbar connected to the TV through the HDMI ARC labeled port.



1) Go to Settings > General > External Device Manager

2) If Anynet+ is on, toggle it off, then on again; if it's off, just turn it on.

3) Switch the sound output to the sound bar


And that was it, the sound bar started turning on and off along with the TV.

It has been working flawless for a month now.

Good luck to you :smiling-face:

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This is still a major issue. I used to have an older 2013 model and it was hooked up to my HW-K440. No problems at all.

Yesterday I bought a QE5580T and then connected the soundbar via soundconnect. And it stopped working. It won't turn on when the tv turns on.

I tried to manyally update the firmware, but it seems up to date (1460.9).  I've also tried to disconnect and reconnect, soundbar reset and turn on the Bluetooth Power on the soundbar. Nothing works...

What to do?


I also found another solution that worked immediately as nothing else resolved the issue. This was posted by another user somewhere on this forum.


Problem: suddenly the soundbar won’t turn on when i turn on tv. This appears «out of the blue»


Solution: On the Samsung tv, choose «TV» as Source - a blue checkmark appears showing that the current source is tv. Now use tv as normal and soundbar turns on with tv. This fixed the problem immediately.

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@Blikkies You sir are a GOD.

I tried every solution that I have read in this thread...Nothing worked.
Then I see your post at the end of this thread and i can verify that your solution is 100% accurate.

I have my soundbar connected to the TV with HDMI ARC.

Thank you so much!! 😀

I've got a problem with my Samsung soundbar it's not turning on when I turn tv on and when I turn tv off it's goes off with tv then comes back on I'm pulling my hair out here can anybody help?
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The solution of cbaldan worked for me! Thanks!

PS: Connected with HDMI (ARC)

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Hello from Copenhagen,

My setup is the Samsung Q7F QLED / 2017 model, and my soundbar is the Samsung  HW-MS660 and connected via HDMI ARC Anynet+ (not using bluetooth in my setup) and the current TV firmware version is 1290

As many of you have experienced, then within the last week (end of April 2021) my soundbar suddenly stopped turning on > when turning on the TV with the remote. Have tried various solutions from (the great panel of users in here) but nothing seem to work. What i have noticed so far, is that when you turn on TV, and manually go to the Quick Settings menu > TV Speaker Sound Output > and choose MS650(HDMI)  it's takes a little sec. and then it makes the connection with the soundbar, and it turns on. When i then turn off, and turn on the TV (without the soundbar) and go left to the Quick Settings menu again, i can see in the menu, how the TV immediately jumps back to TV Speaker by default?? 

Another user suggested this:

Solution: On the Samsung tv, choose «TV» as Source - a blue checkmark appears showing that the current source is tv. Now use tv as normal and soundbar turns on with tv. This fixed the problem immediately.

Well, after the 1290 firmware, i noticed that Samsung have introduced a stream-TV app or something, called TV+ (part of the Rakuten Tv) and it is using that <<TV>> spot in the sources menu now (my tv is not hooked up to cable-tv, i use IPTV)  but anyway, then i have tried to choose the TV+ as source (blue checkmarked confirmed) and then with the TV+ running, then turn off and on TV again, and yes, somehow that kept the connection with the soundbar as it turned on together with the TV.

But, as soon as i exit the TV+ and choose something YouTube, and watch a video, and then turn off and on the TV again, the soundbar is not turned on, and the TV has jumped back to TV Speaker by default as before.

There is definitely something that cuts off, or reset the ARC signal everytime the TV is turned off and on?



Using Auto Power Link


Connect your soundbar to your TV with an optical cable.


Note: Make sure to remove the plastic protector caps before using the optical cable.


Set the soundbar to D.IN mode by pressing Source on the remote or soundbar.


Make sure LED display is illuminated then press and hold the left direction on the direction pad on the remote for more than 5 seconds or until Auto Power Link appears on the soundbar display to activate or deactivate Auto Power Link.


Note: Auto Power Link only works with an optical connection, and should be turned on by default.