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Soundbar HW-K850 with rear 360 R1's - 5.1.2??

(Topic created on: 22-10-2018 02:50 PM)

Hi, I've just bought the K850 soundbar and two R1 Audio 360 speakers based on the literature on the K850 product page regarding Atmos and 5.1.2 ch and it states:


'Expand your surround sound any time you want with ease, for the K850, you can create a complete system by simply connecting the soundbar with wireless Audio 360 unit in the rear to experience a 5.1.2ch effect. Amazing overhead sound, incredible surround sound experience  no extra wires required'

Then it shows a lovely illustration showing a TV, the soundbar with all the speakers active and two rear Audio 360 speakers also active.

How do I achieve this set-up? (5.1.2ch) as I can only get Atmos when I have my Xbox one s plugged into the Hdmi of the soundbar, there is no sound from the rear speakers.

I tried putting the xbox through my Samsung Q6 TV then using arc Hdmi to the soundbar and I get only 5.1 sound using the multiroom app by creating a surround set-up ( but there is nothing from the upfiring speakers? and there is syncing issues with the audio/dialogue that I can't seem to fix with either the TV delay or the soundbar delay sliders that is so bad most content is unwatchable.

Any help is grateful. 

First Poster

No ones going to help you with this issue expecially Samsung. There is latency involved with wireless speakers you will always have a dely in voice. Samsung will not tell you they messed up but they did. Big time. Also you will notice after adding the speakers one will drop off because the wireless cards inside them can't handle continuous audio. Then it removes the whole set up. The sound over wifi is a joke. Samsung should have never offered it. Im well in this stupid set up over 1000 dollors for something that half works.