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Soundbar connection - timelag over 15m one connect via bluetooth ?

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I have a Frame / One Connect set-up and - for domestic reasons - use the long 15m One Connect cable from the box to the TV.  The One Connect box is in a different room.  I was unclear whether the Bluetooth connection to a soundbar would be from the Frame itself, or from the One Connect box, but an experiment with a separate bluetooth speaker (Bowers & Wilkins T7)  suggests it is from the One Connect box.  The reason is that by connecting the T7 to the Frame, there is an annoying time lag between the image and the sound - which would be explained by the extra distance from the One Connect box.  It's only a fraction of a second, but it is noticeable.  So the question is, does Blutooth connect via the Frame or the One Connect Box ?  If it is One Connect Box, any suggestions as to how I might improve the synchronisation of sound and vision ?  I'd be very frustrated to spend a significant sum on a soundbar and have the same problem.

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