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Soundbar changing the source on my Tv

(Topic created on: 10-02-2021 10:25 AM)
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Hello, I have an issue with my soundbar changing the source on my TV.

I have my Samsung soundbar (Q60T) connected through the HDMI-ARC port in my Samsung TV (UE40JU6445K). I have both updated to the latest software.

When I turn on my TV, everything turns on at the same time. The TV automatically goes to the correct source which is HDMI 1, the soundbar turns on automatically and sound comes out. But, about 15 seconds later, the source on the TV changes to HDMI 3 (which is the soundbar port). I then have to manually change back to HDMI 1. It’s extremely frustrating.

im at a loss to what the issue is that is causing the source to change, whether it’s a compatibility issue, a cabling issue, a setting issue? As far as I can see, everything should just work!


can anyone provide some assistance?


edit: not sure it’s of any relevance (it might be), but I’m pretty sure Anynet+ doesn’t work, at all. I can search for devices, it picks up the soundbar and the sky Q box, but can’t connect to either. Says connecting to anynet+ Device.... but fencer connects.

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I had that. eventually figured it's because I plugged my apple and cable directly into the sounbar along with the hdmi arc which also went to the TV. eventually I tried hdmi arc from soundbar to TV. then apple and cable to TV not soundar. ensured TV was set to hdmi arc. all seems fine now. FYI I also upgraded my hdmi cables