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Sometimes no sound when connecting Q70 TV and Denon AVR via HDMI ARC

(Topic created on: 27-03-2020 01:26 AM)
Audio & Video

I connected my Q70 TV with my Denon AVR (1713) via HDMI ARC and chose 'Receiver HDMI' under Sound Output in the settings menu. Usually, I have no issues and the sound comes through in either PCM or Dolby Digital depending on the source, so the connection to my AVR seems to generally work.


However, sometimes when I switch on TV and AVR I won't get any sound out of it. It usually takes me a while tinkering around with the TV settings, for instance alternating sound output to 'TV' and back to 'Receiver HDMI', try 'HDMI troubleshooting' in the connection guide menu, doing a reboot by pressing & holding the remote standbye button, and also just switching the whole system off and unplugging it. I also tried unpluggin the HDMI cable temporarily and also replacing it, plus a full reset of the TV and the AVR. So in short, I think I've tried it all and just now again, it happened!


Given that it mostly works (until it doesn't!), I wonder if this could be an issue with the TV hardware related to HDMI ARC or with one of the recent software upgrades (current version is 1352). It's very frustrating when having to tinker around and not just being able to switch it on and enjoy it!


Has any experienced the same or similar issue??


(By the way, I also have the Netflix app sound issue via HDMI ARC since the recent software upgrades, I believe starting with version 1351, but that's a separate issue. This here is about sometimes not getting *any* sound ouf of my Denon with HDMI ARC.)