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Samsung UE32M5520 sound skips

(Topic created on: 29-11-2017 07:06 PM)
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Bought a 32” Samsung UE32M5520 in August from Argos and connected it through an optical cable to a Bush sound bar (not fancy but good enough sound for me).


The sound cuts out for half a second at completely random intervals. Sometimes it can go 30 minutes with no problems. At the other times it can be 2 or 3 times a minute.


It’s connected to a Sky HD box, but it also does it through the Sony DVD player.


I’ve bought a Samsung HDMI cable and decent Anker braided optical audio cable and it made no difference. I’ve also tried swapping all the HDMI inputs around.


*If I connect the Soundbar directly to the Sky HD box it works flawlessly*


I’ve experimented with every single setting on the TV and the Sky box. I have discovered that if I turn off all the Auto Motion Plus settings the problem is decreased but not totally eliminated.


I can only conclude that the TV has trouble processing any post picture effects.


Anyone else having this problem? It seems like a future firmware update could potentially fix it, but I’ve been suffering for 4 months now. 


Definitely considering sticking it on Gumtree and buying a different brand.

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Under audio settings have you tried the various options under there?


It does sound like an issue transcoding over the optical cable, could be a processing problem.


Try pulling the optical plug out of the sound bar and whilst it is on look into the end of the optical cable (don't put your eye upto it, just look into the end), it's safe it isn't a laser beam just a bog standard red LED.  Make a mental note of the brightness then compare that with the Sky box on one end.  Is the brightness signifcantly different?  If the TV is a lot dimmer it may not be picked up correctly and prone to drop outs.


If it appears dimmer or less distinct, have a look into the plug on the TV it goes to just to make sure there isn't something in there like dust or a bit of packaging, just to rule it out really.


If all seems okay it could just be a matter of one of those odd incompatibilities sometimes between two devices, whereas the Bush may not be well calibrated and off to one side of the normal scale, and the TV is off to the other side of the normal range, the differences adding together enough to push it borderline or out of spec.  You will not know unless you can try the TV with another sound bar or amplifier.





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who do u guys watch.