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Samsung QE43LS03RAUXZG not connecting to HDMI arc on Q Acoustics m2 soundbar

(Topic created on: 14-01-2020 09:29 AM)
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I try to connect my m2 Soundbar to my TV via the correct HDMI arc port, but it seems to recognize it as a video device instead of as audio. It will occasionally recognize hdmi receiver, but switches back almost immediately to the TV speakers. Any net is enabled, sound is set to pcm. Are there any suggestions apart from using the optical cable? I much prefer not having to use a second remote, and hdmi arc was one of the reasons I bought both pieces.

Thanks for any help. 

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Hi @Violawit

Are you still having issues with this? If so, let's try a few troubleshooting steps:

- The TV audio settings must be set to external speaker to receive audio through the soundbar. Please check if this is done through the Audio Settings.

- When using ARC, you must power off the TV first and then the soundbar will power off automatically. If you power off the soundbar first, the TV will stay on and the audio will be output through the TV speakers. You can use either the TV or soundbar remote to power off both devices. This is only available when the soundbar is connected to a Samsung TV.

- Also, please make sure that the soundbar's firmware is up to date. You can usually check this on the support page for that particular model.

If nothing helps, please reach out to our dedicated AV Team. They'll be able to run advanced troubleshooting. They can be reached on: 0333 000 0333.