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Samsung Q990B shuts down in the middle of a film

(Topic created on: 07-03-2023 11:32 PM)

I bought HW-Q990B (/EN, the month of assembly is not specified on the label), everything was fine for a month (I watched movies at a volume of ~15-20%).

and then I started trying to raise the volume higher. I watched Dolby TrueHD / DTS-HD MA movies at a volume of about 35 — 40%.

after a while after starting watching the movie, the soundbar abruptly turns off. a android tv box is connected through bar (NVIDIA Shield -> Q990B -> TV). respectively, film stops, the TV is going black, there is no sound, the soundbar is turned off.

it does not turn on from the remote control, I need to replug it to an outlet  — only then it will work. there is a real feeling that some kind of fuse is clicking, or that something has overheated.

the only thing I found is this link. exactly my problem, the answers do not give anything useful. I also saw that resetting settings helped people, as well as disabling all sorts of features like space fit, active voice amplifier, etc. I turned everything off, it doesn't help. the firmware is the latest.


In addition, I want to say that the soundbar is used in a tough scenario: a 4K HDR movie is being watched, an image from an android box is passing through the bar. this may partly justify overheating. but it still shouldn't be like this