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Samsung Q950T rear speakers never wake from sleep

(Topic created on: 02-01-2021 06:28 PM)
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i have read posts with a similar problem to mine, but I haven’t seen a solution.

When my sound bar has been turned off for a while, the rear speakers go to sleep, and they do not wake when the soundbar is turned on. I have to power cycle or pair again for them to work. Very annoying for an expensive product like this.

The soundbar is updated with newest firmware. Holding the ‘down’ button on the remote only flashes “Update” for half a second, but does not do anything. I don’t know how to check firmware version of the rear speakers - maybe it’s the same as the soundbar itself? 

Any suggestions, or is this a known error that is being worked on? Otherwise I will have to return the product.

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I have had a problem with my subwoofer loosing connection to my Q950T after it goes to sleep for months. My attempt at Samsung support was a disaster. They had me do things that led to the soundbar going into some kind of demo mode, and they didn't even know that or how to fix. They wanted me to send it back to them! I figured out how to get out of demo mode, and ensured the firmware was latest, and gave up. I still to this date have to unplug the subwoofer power every time I want to use it.. What a failure.... I have seen no new firmware updates either... Samsung doesn't plan to fix any of this. Too bad they just don't have a way to disable sleep mode, or something. I think it's ridiculous.