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Samsung N850 - No sub connection

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Hi all, I am having trouble with the add-on sub for the HW-N850.

I connected it up to the smart things app on Monday so that i could listen to some internet radio, i noticed that it performed an update so i left it alone for 10 minutes or so, came back and it seemed ready to go. Popped some music on, no bass. Checked the back of the sub, sure enough, red light. Turned everything off and back on, red light.

Ok, weird, so i went through the steps of manually reconnecting it. Couldn't do it. Nothing but a blinking blue link light. I tried resetting it +&- together, with ID Set (Up on remote for 5 seconds). Tried, 9 or 10 times, same cycle. Nothing. Unplugged everything, left it 24 hours. Plugged it all back in, go through the same procedure, solid blue light firstattempt. Great! Or so i thought. Put on some music, no bass. Checked light, solid blue. Tried turning the sub volume up, down, eq up and down, went to check the lights again, red light. Tried re-pairing, blue blinking light constantly. Unplugged everything, left it 24 hours, reconnected. No bass still.

Called Samsung support. It reconnected first attempt, stayed connected for the 30 i remained on the call, then went back to red.


Seems since the firmware updated to 1005.1 ( checked via smartythings app) it can no longer communicate with the sub woofer.


Is there a fix?

Did you get anywhere with this??

My 'new' hw n850, sub hasnt worked at all since taking out of the box

Plugged it in, didnt connect automatically as it should.

'Blinking blue light' permantly for me, no red lights at any point. Ive done the 'hold up button' down for 5 secs about 30 times, it shows 'id set' on soundbar display. Then soundbar turns itself back on, even though in the manual it states that i should tunr the soundbar back on with remote to complete the 'pairing'

I downloaded software update from samsung site to usb stick to see if it woul help, nothing at all happend when i plug the usb stick on soundbar, no display

Tried 2 usb sticks, a HP one an a sandisk

Phoned uk samsung support number and just got a foreign call center who i couldnt understand and they had no clue them selves

Samsung qled tvs - garbage - hw n850 soundbar sounds great (without sub) ive yet to hear it with the subwoofer cause it wont connect..


Hi there. My only solution was to send it back. I bought mine from Currys PC World UK. They acted on my behalf with Samsung and their selected repairer.


The slip I got back indicated a faulty main board in the sub.


I've not had a problem with it since it came back, touch wood.


I suggest booking yours in for repair with your warranty. Hope you manage to get it sorted, when it's working it's actually quite good...


Thx for ur help.

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