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Samsung HW-T420 soundbar bluetooth desync and distorted audio

(Topic created on: 30-03-2022 02:23 AM)
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We literally just got this soundbar today and there's just one problem. Why is it that the sound becomes distorted after 30 minutes when playing through bluetooth? Because if i turn off the TV or the soundbar and let them re-connect, the problem goes away.

My TV doesn't have an optical out so i can't test that right now. Can someone tell me why this is happening??



After going back and forth with the local seller and customer support, i found out that the bluetooth in the TV is culprit. The TV doesn't have a optical out or HDMI ARC port but does have a digital coaxial out. I found an adapter on Amazon that converts coaxial to optical out for the soundbar and it works well! The problem is all gone now