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Samsung HW Q96R soundboard. Best settings for movies and games, and how to check if it is up to date

(Topic created on: 03-09-2020 01:40 PM)
First Poster

Hi! I just bought the samsung tv Q80T and bought the samsung soundboard HW Q96R

anyone who has any tips on what are the best movie settings on this soundboard, have upgraded netflix to premium then get dolby atmos on netflix. (so the best settings for atoms and 5.1)

Treble:      Bass: Sync:       Center:       Side:       Front top:        Rear:        Rear top:         Subwoofer:        Virtual: no or off


rear speakers play very weak little sound comes out of them they almost have to lay their ear down on them to hear them, have turned them up to max volume, a little more sound comes out of them when I play atmos on netflix, but are there any settings or something I have to do for and be able to get better sound out of them?

have tried and upgraded the soundboard via the smart things app but have not been able to find the program item, but when I press it it just starts and searches and goes to about 20 percent and comes up no file found, and tried and update via usb but am very unsure if I have made it or not. Is there any way to check if the sound board is updating or not?

Have a ps4 and but it will be upgraded to ps5 when it comes, but is it better to use other recordings for games than what I use for movies? (have tried out the game mode pro setting)