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Samsung hw-q960a center speaker problem

(Topic created on: 08-08-2022 02:57 PM)
Kenneth tinnesen
First Poster

Hi guys. 

So here's the thing:

My setup:

sony x9000f tv 

Samsung soundbar conected through hdmi arc with the suplied hdmi cable.

Bought the bar a few days ago.


Now to the issue at hand:

Whenever i play content from netflix, disney+ etc in some form of surround (movies shows, cartoons, same issue)

The sound from the center channel is very low or not existing. This happens regardsless of how i turn it on (native tv app or strem via chromcast build in from my samsung phone)

To solve it i have to press pause for a second, and when i press play again surround works perfectly.


The sound dissapers every time a new episodes begins, and also if i press the 'skip intro' option, and if i stop during an episode and resume it from e.g the homescreen, i also have to press pause and play to make it work.


Both the soundbar and the tv is updated to latest firmware, and i tried turning power of and on again, same issue.


I know some other have had similar problems, but i have yet to find a sollution. 


Please help! I'd hate to return the bar, but i can't accept this issue with a completely new unit .