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samsung hw-q930c/xu 9.1.4 soundbar and Qe49q7cam television

(Topic created on: 28-03-2024 09:00 AM)
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Last week i bought a samsung hw-q930c/xu 9.1.4 sound bar to go with my QE49Q7CAM tv

i tested it without properly installing it into my media cabinet and as far as i know it seemed to work ok using the one HDMI ARC connector on my tv one connect box

when i rewired it ( putting it on its mount and wiring through some cable duct it now only connects to the tv through Wi-Fi 

The tv does operate the volume controls however unless its connected through arc as far as i know i cant use dolby atmos. also as i understood i should be able to connect to any tv with an arc connection. 

i spoke to samsung technical who were about as useful as a chocolate tea cup he did go through and reset all of my hdmi connectors on the one connect box which made no difference. According to smart things i have the latest firmware on the bar although im not 100% sure of that 


Helping Hand
Software wise check the site it's probably better to do over USB. You can get atmos over wifi. Make sure to set the bar to HDMI and input signal plus is on then try change it via the settings to TV.

EDIT: Sorry age of that TV won't have wifi Dolby my bad.