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SAMSUNG HW-Q900T x SAMSUNG SWA-9100S (Buzzing Noise from surround speakers)

(Topic created on: 11-05-2022 11:42 AM)
First Poster

I recently bought the surround system to pair it with HW Q900T Soundbar.

The problems immediately started when I was browsing or pausing a movie, tv series etc. I am hearing a buzzing noise sometimes from the left sometimes from the right surround speaker. The buzzing noise is really annoying and it depends on the volume of the soundbar how much you can hear it. At 100 you can even be in the room.

I went to my local Samsung authorized service and after two months of trying (even the engineer told me that this is not normal after he changed his report to "normal") they told me that this is how it should and it was labeled "normal" from Samsung.

Does anyone else with similar setup is having the same issue?

I am against the wall in my country because Samsung is saying that we can't do anything about it because the engineer told us so, so this is a normal sound from our surround experience.  This is the lowest point from Samsung and I am really disappointed with the company.