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Samsung HW Q600B audio problem

(Topic created on: 29-12-2022 11:03 AM)
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I bought a Samsung HW Q600B soundbar. I came home, set everything up and was pleasantly surprised by the sound. I set it to HDMI eArc.

It was definitely a good upgrade, but after a while I had a problem when it suddenly stopped playing properly.

I use TV + soundbar. In this mode, when the problem occurred, the sounds were played very weakly and the spoken word was not heard at all. It was inaudible as if someone was mumbling and you were watching a movie with sound but no narration or dialogue. In the soundbar only mode, I didn't hear any sounds at all. When I switched to TV only, everything was working fine.

I tried turning it on and off, but the problem was still there. Hard disconnection from the plug and turning the TV on and off was the only thing, that helped. I have the HDMI eArc cable connected correctly in the places where it says HDMIeArc. After this situation, I thought that it was maybe some mistake, that occured, so I continued using it. But the next day it happened again. I have the soundbar for a week now and it happened quite often, about 4-5 times already. I think it is not normal that I have to be forced to go to it all the time, turn it off and on and hope that it will work.


Can you advise me how to proceed? Has anyone had a similar experience and resolved it?

It is a Samsung soundbar Q600B.

The TV is a Samsung Q70 Series 55


Avoid q symphony, I don't think it makes a lot of difference, and probably causes connectivity issues. I find Bluetooth is better for general use, but hdmi for Atmos streams and bluray. I don't mind setting back to Bluetooth as I only use Dobly for movies.

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I used this soundbar as a bluetooth speaker for about a year but very rarely (only having about 10hrs use total). It stopped working when I finally plugged it into a TV. I tried everything everyone said online but the only thing that worked was a Firmware update via USB... Hopefully this is of some use to someone


Anyone found a fix to this? the firmware update didnt do anything, mines roughly 11 months old - is this still in warranty as samsung seems to have only given me 8 months warranty? i tried a new HMDI lead and it worked for a short while then cut again. i think the earc port on the soundbar is faulty itself.

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Has this ever been fixed? I aquired one of these at an auction, brand new sealed box but somehow out of warranty when I registered it.

Powered on fine and subwoofer connects ok(blue light)

Connected to a JVC tv with built in fire tv OS tv connects by bluetooth perfectly fine, my phone also connects without issue. TV says connected, and my tv remote[initially] powers sound bar off and on and controls volume but no sound at all will play through sound bar or subwoofer...tried connecting phone and playing music but that didn't work either and was switched to blue tooth on bar.

Tried connectiong via ARC and bar display shows TV ARC so assume connection is sound, still no sound at all, then tried optical connection and that didn't work either.

Tried every audio output setting on all 3 connections

Tried every troubleshooting method and after resetting the unit will no longer power off from bar remote or tv remote, volume control will not work on bar remote or tv remote, have tried restting numerous times but hasn't rectified 

I have tried updating the firmware but it fails everytime, tried numerous flash drives fully formatted in fat32 and tried ntfs too but same result

Have seen many people online with same issues with the HW Q600b and I do think its probably a simple fix so has anyone ever found a solution? I'm out of things to try