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Samsung HW-950T Wireless Sub & Rear Speakers Kewp Disconnecting

(Topic created on: 26-10-2020 08:30 AM)

While the sound quality when everything is working is absolutely amazing, I'm having a lot of issues with my new soundbar keeping everything in sync. My issue is similar, but not identical to the Samsung-Q90R thread here: 


I've already checked and my soundbar is running the latest firmware, so the solution in that thread doesn't work for me.


What I've found, in addition to the wireless speakers not connecting at first power-on, is that if I even pause content for any length of time, that the wireless speakers also will disconnect(!). During a single episode of Marvels Agents of SHIELD, I had to power-cycle my sub 3 times. The breaks were less than 5 minutes long each (the screensaver on my Android TV hadn't kicked in). I could see that the blue light in all wireless speakers were showing a solid blue even when they were disconnected. I double-checked the speakers were indeed off by playing a Dolby Atmos test track, which clearly illustrates an absence of sound whenever the rear channels should be kicking in.


When I turned the soundbar off last night I noticed the sub LED was red, the rear right speaker LED was blue and the rear left speaker LED wasn't on at-all. Also first thing this morning, the same as the Q90R thread, I found the wireless speakers didn't re-connect with the soundbar when it was turned on.


I've tried to keep wireless devices as far apart from each other as possible and the sub & soundbar are maybe 1-1.5m away from each other - so pretty close proximity. 


The complaints on wireless connection issues with your previous gen speakers aren't uncommon from what I've seen. Given the strength of reviews on the higher tier Samsung soundbars and hoping that those issues would be resolved by now.


Hopefully I'm missing something and someone on here can fill me in!

First Poster

almost 2024 and since I installed this bar I still have these issues with no solutions from Samsung... 


thank you Samsung 


I had my unit repaired under warranty. Subwoofer and an electronics board were found faulty and replaced, has worked flawlessly since then :smiling-face:


Ok, this might get a little long. But I have found a work around for this issue.

I noticed that despite the soundbar being plugged directly into the Q95 TV theiugh earc, it would turn on automatically, but would never default to earc for its connection. So it would never initiate the subwoofer that sends the signals to sync with the rear wireless speakers (the wireless signal doesn't originate from the bar apparently).

I got a smart wall plug (hue) and plugged the subwoofer into it. I synced smartthings with Google home and set a rule so everytime the soundbar turned on, it would default to Hdmi 1(earc), and would tell the smart switch to turn the subwoofer on (also have it set in reverse to turn the subwoofer off when the soundbar turns off too). This will force the subwoofer to refresh its wireless connection to the rear speakers everytime the soundbar is turned on.

To be safe, I also set in google home a routine so that the soundbar turns on everytime the tv is turned on, this is more a fail-safe incase it doesn't automatically do so like it should.


I discovered that this behavior of the soundbar is connected to Spotify... To stop this, I connected the soundbar to a different Spotify account and logged out from this account on my phone. The behavior comes through the cloud, so it happened even when I was connected to GSM data after turning on WiFi.