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Samsung HW-950T Wireless Sub & Rear Speakers Kewp Disconnecting

(Topic created on: 08-01-2022 10:18 AM)

While the sound quality when everything is working is absolutely amazing, I'm having a lot of issues with my new soundbar keeping everything in sync. My issue is similar, but not identical to the Samsung-Q90R thread here: 


I've already checked and my soundbar is running the latest firmware, so the solution in that thread doesn't work for me.


What I've found, in addition to the wireless speakers not connecting at first power-on, is that if I even pause content for any length of time, that the wireless speakers also will disconnect(!). During a single episode of Marvels Agents of SHIELD, I had to power-cycle my sub 3 times. The breaks were less than 5 minutes long each (the screensaver on my Android TV hadn't kicked in). I could see that the blue light in all wireless speakers were showing a solid blue even when they were disconnected. I double-checked the speakers were indeed off by playing a Dolby Atmos test track, which clearly illustrates an absence of sound whenever the rear channels should be kicking in.


When I turned the soundbar off last night I noticed the sub LED was red, the rear right speaker LED was blue and the rear left speaker LED wasn't on at-all. Also first thing this morning, the same as the Q90R thread, I found the wireless speakers didn't re-connect with the soundbar when it was turned on.


I've tried to keep wireless devices as far apart from each other as possible and the sub & soundbar are maybe 1-1.5m away from each other - so pretty close proximity. 


The complaints on wireless connection issues with your previous gen speakers aren't uncommon from what I've seen. Given the strength of reviews on the higher tier Samsung soundbars and hoping that those issues would be resolved by now.


Hopefully I'm missing something and someone on here can fill me in!


Update: I've disabled the WLAN on my powerline adapter which appears to reduce the issue from several times an episode to around once a day. I'm frustrated that a soundbar costing £1500 doesn't appear to have any way of recovering itself without manual intervention - when I switched the soundbar on this morning the main unit didn't even try to re-establish the link to the sub and rear speakers.


I can tell when the disconnections happen as the Smartthings app will hide the settings for the Woofer level - obviously the system knows it's not connected to a sub anymore, but doesn't do a thing about it even on power on or periodically as a heartbeat check!


Both from a convenience perspective, but also from a wear and tear perspective, I don't really want to have to physically pull the cord for the sub each day to get the most out of this product.


Hi there

I'm curious if you made any progress with the issue? The lack of response here is disheartening, especially given the apparent activity in the Q90R topic(s) 😞

I just posted a topic about problems I'm experiencing, and currently I'm wondering whether the problem could be caused by the lack of connection with the sub and rears (which for me also are dropped out frequently) or if there's a more severe hardware related problem.

Here's my topic:

If you recognize any of this, please let me know.

First Poster

I had same problem since my Wifi router was close by which has not one but TWO 5GHZ's on asus GT-AC5300 router. Every now and then my rear speakers will cut out or the woofer will go out...kinda killed my surround sound experience.


So I ended up changing the channels on both 5GHZ on the router - changed from AUTO to a manual channel which was pretty higher up.

Then on the soundbar changed the radio frequency to 1 from 3 (default). Check the V2 manual and check page 20 on how to.


You WILL need to play around. If you have wifi security camera's reconfigure them to use 2.4GHZ than 5GHZ.


Good luck.


Sadly, I've not heard a thing from Samsung on the issue. For a premium device I would have expected a more robust solution! As suggested in my update post, I managed to improve the issue by disabling any near-by access points to reduce interference, but I still generally find that when I switch the soundbar on, the sub doesn't spring to life too.


I've now got the sub connected to a smart plug so I can ask Alexa to toggle the power to get the two talking again, but really the devices should have knowledge of each other and the state of the connection and try to re-establish the connection when the soundbar is turned on and if they lose connection due to interference. The rear speakers appear to connect reliably, so as far as I can tell, this is an issue between the sub and soundbar.


Thanks for the advice - I still find my sub isn't connecting with the soundbar when I turn the soundbar on, but I can see my router sometimes chooses higher 5GHz channels, I've restricted the range now to minimize the potential of that interfering with the signal in any way.


Can someone please help me!!! I have the HW-950T and all it does on certain channels is have choppy gargling audio, but video is clear. I changed the HDMI cables and did nothing. I'm connected ARC. My old Samsung soundbar never had an issue. I thought it was Comcast issue and tech comes out and nothing..


Mostly happens on sports games or news channels. It will spit out choppy audio, but tv audio is fine if I turn off the Soundbar, so now I know its the soundbar.. No idea with this 5ghz config on Soundbar. My Samsung TV is on WIFI connected to 5ghz. if I hold up the subwoofer remote per manual it just shows ARC... never goes to any other mode.


I'm on the latest firmware.. I can't believe this junk premium product with sound cutting out for 5 minutes and then goes away.. Its sporadic. 


I cannot believe this is still an ongoing issue that @Samsung are yet to reply to.


I have a Samsung HW950T connected to a Samsung Q95T TV via earc. I have my connection on the TV hard-wired through gigiabit ethernet, and the soundbar was through both 2.4ghz and 5ghz at alternate times on my old Ftizbox 7490 wifi router, then I changed to a TP Link Archer AX11000 and have since tried 2.4ghz and 5ghz without this issue being resolved.

The issue I am facing is the soundbar will turn off with the TV and upon turning back on (also with the TV) it will not reconnect automatically with the subwoofer and rear speakers. To have them reconnect I have to respect them with the button on the back of the sub woofer.

The Subwoofer is located 30cm (12 inches) from the sub woofer, and the rear speakers are only 4m (138 inches) from the soundbar and subwoofer. There are no obstacles between the sub and speakers, and no interferences. 

This appears to be an issue with the subwoofer just being set to disconnect and has no way to initiate its own auto reconnection.

Samsung, step up and respond that you are at least reading this forum, it is nearing 12 months with this issue and you don't seem to care beyond sales.


Hey @Schmackei ,


sorry to hear that you are facing this issue. Have you tried to contact our AV Specialist to have a look into this for you? They can be reached on 0333 000 0333.


In addition to problems with disconnecting rear spekers last time i discovered that ma new router tplink ax55 is switching on my soundbar 950t. Maybe after 60 second after power on router my soundbar is on blue. Its the same time when my router is starting wifi.