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R6 multiroom audio delay with BD player

(Topic created on: 12/09/17 19:48)
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Hi there,


I've recently bought the R6 wireless portable speaker.


I already own the BD-H6500 BluRay player.


I wanted to use the R6 as my TV speaker via Multiroom. I set everything up pretty easily. However, in the audio settings on my BD player when I selected the R6 as output, it popped up with a warning that the speaker might be out of sync. Of course, this turned out to be the case!


Surely Samsung can't advertise this as a viable home audio solution. Who would knowingly buy this with a delay? I have about 10 days to find a fix or return it.


I have phoned Samsung to troubleshoot and all they did was check all software was up to date, which it is.


It is a Panasonic TV, but when the video source is the Samsung BD player and the audio a Samsung speaker, both of which are multiroom compatible, I'm not sure how that would cause a problem?


Thanks in advance,