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Q990c rear speakers volume

(Topic created on: 19-09-2023 01:09 PM)
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Hi everyone,

I come by this question a lot on the internet, so I know this is an issue that lots of users have.

A solution cannot be found however. 

The problem that I have is with the rear speakers of the q990c soundbar. I have positioned them about 1.5 meters behind the couch. I absolutely love the sound of the bar in front. However, the volume of the rear speakers just isn't enough.

I know all about these speakers just operating when Atmos content is played and they're intended for supporting the main sound. I also have figured out how to crank up the volume to +6 in the SmartThings app.

But, it just isn't enough. 

The capacity of the speakers must be much higher then what they are projecting now.


Maybe this community knows a way to get the volume higher? I really hope so, as to be honest, I am somewhat disappointed about this expensive piece of electronics that I was so anxious to get.

Thanks so much for any solutions!



The Frame 55" 2022 / HW q990c

HDMI eArc Connection

SmartThings app: adaptive sound+/ SpaceFit

Volume soundbar: -5

Volume rear speakers: +6

Big Cheese
Only the Smartthings app or the soundbar remote can modify volume to various channels, I have the Q900A and set rears to +3.

Note it all depends on what format of sound you watch and if that uses the rears or not, even when rears are used it is most of the time to soundstage the front and rear, as in your sat in between and get the overall effect.

Bottom line don't expect massive volume from the rears unless dolby is telling it to.
Regards, Obsydian

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Thanks for your answer!

I guess I will have to make do and accept that this is what can be expected. 

I have bought speaker stands, so I can position the rear speakers right behind the couch. At that position they sound as they are intended. 

I remain baffled that Samsung decided to limit the possibilities of the speakers to such an extend that I cannot place them where I want. 

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I have the same issue as you the rears just do not deliver a volume level to immerse the room and I have a reference too ….

q770C with the atmos surrounds is so much more balanced I actually enjoy this bar better than the 990c because of this difference.

I can’t believe this couldn’t be fixed by a firmware update to allow a larger level adjustment or a basic setting to adjust the base balance between front and rears