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Q990C Q Symphony issues and other problems?

(Topic created on: 13-09-2023 06:58 PM)

I've just got the Q990C soundbar cinema surround system and I can't get Q Symphony to work as expected.

I have my Sky Q (and PS4) plugged into the Soundbar via HDMI and then the Soundbar is connected to the TV via HDMI using the eARC port in each. If I go into sound settings on the TV and look at the options it does have TV + Soundbar but it's via WiFi and not HDMI(eARC), HDMI(eARC) only has the option for Soundbar only. If I choose the TV + Soundbar (WiFi) option there's no TV/Sky signal so that's not an option.

How do I get TV + Soundbar via HDMI (eARC) please, when I first connected it all up the option for this was there. Or at least I could have TV + Soundbar and still have Sky signal. I've ordered some longer HDMI cables so that I can connect Sky and the PS4 directly into the TV, and then still have the Soundbar connected by eARC to see if that works, but would this still enable the best sound (atmos or dolby digial plus)

Another thing is when I first turn everything on it won't pick up the signal from Sky, I have to turn sky off and on again for it to recognise the signal, any idea why this is? 

The next thing is the Sub is MAHOOSIVE, can you get a smaller sub and connect it to the soundbar in place of the current one?

Any help would be appreciated.