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Q990B dolby atmos issues with Xbox Series X

(Topic created on: 01-12-2022 10:21 PM)
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So, this is a massive complaint post. There's, at this moment, massive issues with using this soundbar paired with an xbox series x + dolby atmos. 

My setup is Xbox Series X > LG C9 (earc) > Q990b
Passthrough, eARC on and on Xbox Dolby Atmos Home Theatre.
If you use the soundbar on any mode other than Standard there's no center channel on dashboard or any Non-Atmos game. Open up Rocket league, free play and test it. No car engine sound nor ball touches as they're 100% centered.
It works if you open a native atmos game.  It doesn't matter if Upmixing on the Dolby app is ON or OFF.
If you use Standard, the center channel works fine on dashboard and non-Atmos games, but the subwoofer doesn't work. Completely "off". It works if you open a native atmos game. 
This means that one has to keep changing the xbox's output from 7.1 uncompressed for everything apart from specific atmos games. Instead of turning on dolby atmos for everything. 
Would Samsung be able to comment and hopefully fix it through firmware? 
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7.1 become 5.1, 5.1 become 3.1.

worse than before...