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Q960a issue with sony x9005f tv

(Topic created on: 12-08-2022 12:19 PM)
Kenneth tinnesen
First Poster

So here's the problem:

When i connect my soundbar to the tv, it just messes up the connection, and the tv goes to to tv speakers no matter what i do. Only solution is to use pcm in the tv sound setting when chossing sou d sr as device.

As soon as i start a movie, it only outputs stereosound, so no voices and effects from center and rearspeakers works. but if i pause and play again, everything goes to full sorround, and works like a charm. Until next episode, movie or whatever.


Hooked up via arc, no other inputs to the tv. I only use native apps. 


I feel like i've tried everything now, restets, going through all settings, everything. Does anyone have some sort of a fix for this?