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Q950T optical not working.

(Topic created on: 12-03-2021 08:58 PM)
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TLDR: trying to setup Samsung Q950T with a buttkicker and 65KS8000 TV. priot setup with same tv and Vizio SB4051-C0 soundbar and buttkicker worked fine.

I just purchased the Q950T and updated the firmware.

I noticed no matter how I try to connect the soundbar to my Samsung 65KS8000 it will not output audio through optical even when using D-IN/TV ARC.  Connecting my PC to the HDMI 1 port then connecting the supplied hdmi cable from the sound bar's HDMI ARC to the HDMI ARC on my KS8000 works great though.

My prior setup had my PC connected via HDMI to my KS8000 breakoutbox's HDMI 2 port. Then I connected the Vizio SB4051-C0 via HDMI ARC to the HDMI ARC on the breakout box.

I also have a buttkicker which is connected to a Behringer iNuke NU3000DSP via XLR. I then had an XLR to RCA cable that connected from the Behringer to a RCA to optical converter. Then an optical cable from the converter to an optical splitter output along with the vizio soundbar connecting via optical to another output on the splitter box. Then the input optical from the splitter box connected to my samsung KS8000 optical on the breakout box.

This way I was able to run the vizio soundbar and my buttkicker at the same time.

Unfortunately When even trying to get optical to work on my Samsung Q950T soundbar it won't output any sound through the soundbar when selecting optical from my tv's settings despite the butkicker working when the optical setting is selected.

I am trying to get my buttkicker working alongside my Samsung Q950T soundbar just like my previous setup with the buttkicker and vizio soundbar.


Can anyone help me? I have 14 more days before I can return the Q950T to Bestbuy if this does not pan out.

If my explanation of my setup sounds confusing I can take a picture later to show how it is connected.

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I've done another test with My PS4 Pro and PC connected via HDMI to the Samsung KS8000 breakout box hdmi ports and my Q950T soundbar connected via optical straight to the TV breakout box.

I tried using the PS4 Pro and audio plays through the soundbar fine but when switching to the hdmi output of my PC there is no audio.

So for some reason optical is not working if I am playing through my PC while it works fine on my PS4 Pro.