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Q90R TV + Q80R Soundbar - HELP!

(Topic created on: 05-12-2019 02:04 AM)
Audio & Video

Let me start by saying I love the picture quality of the Q90R TV and the love the sound quality of the Q80R Soundbar...when they work. Here's my lip sync problem with DD from my cable box, and the workarounds:

1) Cable Box to TV with HDMI - HDMI ARC to Soundbar = Horrible lip sync (internal apps and Roku Ultra, no problems)

2) Cable Box to Soundbar with HDMI - HDMI ARC Soundbar to TV = Fixed lip sync, but messes up the CEC-ARC functions (soundbar turns off with tv, but won't turn on)

3) Cable Box to TV with HDMI - Cable Box to Soundbar with Optical - HDMI ARC for TV to Soundbar = ARC on soundbar takes priority...when the D.IN input is selected, about a second later, the sound bar switches to ARC input (back to lip sync problem)

4) See item #2 above (Cable Box to Soundbar with HDMI), which fixes the lip sync problem. However, since this messes up CEC-ARC, the solution would be to turn off CEC, and program my trusty URC remote control with simple macros to change inputs on both the TV and Soundbar...but the Samsung TV and Soundbar DON'T accept discreet IR codes for direct input selection (you can only croll through them all) = No good solution for universal remote control programing

5) Give up on CEC-ARC, connect Cable Box to TV with HDMI - TV to Soundbar with Optical = No DD 5.1 from the Cable Box...apparently, DD 5.1 audio from a Cable Box to the TV by HDMI will not be passed through to the Soundbar via Optical


If anyone has figured this out...figured a way to make it all work...I'm all ears. PLEASE let me know if you have any suggestions.