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Q7FN with One Connect - Bluetooth Failure


The Bluetooth has stopped working on my Q7 (2018 model).


It will no longer connect to the soundbar or bluetooth headphones.


Is there a quick solution, or am I looking at a repair?


Hi @HarrisTweed! Let's make sure that your TV is running on the latest software version by heading to: Menu > Settings > Support > Software update > Update now. Also, what happens when you try to connect the TV to any other device via Bluetooth? Does an error message appear? 

Thanks for picking this up.


The bluetooth failed abruptly four days ago.

The soundbar bluetooth connection stopped and reverted to the internal speakers.

Bluetooth earphones stopped working.

Bluetooth connection to my Note 10 phone stopped.


When use the TV menu to look for bluetooth speakers it finds none although the soundbar and earphones are on.

When I scan for input devices it finds none although a bluetooth keyboard is on.  There are no other messages.

When I use SmartThings on my phone it says the TV is offline.


I have checked that the firmware is up to date.

I have done a full reset of the TV and set it up from factory defaults. This has not brought back the bluetooth.


I have used the TV's online help facility to request help, but have not yet received a reply.

Where do I go from here?

Right! If restoring the TV to Factory Settings didn't sort this, the next step is to get in touch with Samsung AudioVisual technical support team. You can contact them by calling the number: 0333 000 0333.

Thank you. I'll do that today.

Just to follow up.

I had a long and not very helpful call to that support number.

They insisted that the fault was in the soundbar, even though several other bluetooth devices are equally affected.

If I wanted any further help I would have to go to the retailer for a repair.


I doubt that the retailer could do anything without taking the TV away for repair, which means losing it for an unspecified time and risks getting the screen damaged.


So I have given up on getting the bluetooth repaired. I have ordered an external bluetooth device that I can feed from the TV's optical output.


Naturally I am unhappy at this result. 



Hey @HarrisTweed ,


I'm sorry to hear that. Are you able to provide us with the TV full model and software version before proceeding to purchase this? When and where did you purchase the TV? 

I've replied by PM

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