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Q60T Soundbar Firmware update

(Topic created on: 19-03-2021 12:22 AM)
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I own the Q60T soundbar and had problems with the sound. it was like an anoying whistling noise when using on low volume.

After a bit of research i discovered that  a firmware update has recently been released for the Q60T. After i installed the update, Im happy to report that the issue has gone away.

Here is a link to the samsung support page where you will find the update to download -

Instructions to install as from the support page;

Step1. How to prepare the USB Memory Drive
2. Unzip the downloaded files.
1. Download the firmware file from into your computer
3. Connect an USB Memory Drive to an USB port of your PC.
Copy the unzipped file to the USB Memory Drive.
4. Confirm that the file has been added to the top folder of the USB memory drive.
5. Safely disconnect the USB memory drive by clicking in ‘Safely Remove’ in Task Bar.

1. The following events may interrupt the update process and result in permanent
damage to the unit.
1) Unplugging the power cord while the update is in process.
2) Power Outage while the update is in process.
3) Removing the USB memory drive while the update is in process.
2. Please do not re-name any of update files.
We do not guarantee any defects caused by renaming the software file.

Step2. How to upgrade the Firmware by USB
1. Turn on the unit and insert the USB drive into the USB port on the bottom of the unit.
2. Press the source button( ) on the top panel or remote to select USB mode.
The update will start automatically in less than one minute.
3. A sequence of “UPDATE” → Progress(%) → “ON” will appear on the display.
It would take around 2 minutes.
※ Important
Please DO NOT turn off the power or remove the USB while the update.
※ We recommend initialize the unit after update firmware is completed.
. Turn on the unit and then press and hold "VOL +" & "VOL -" button
on the top panel for 5 seconds. The unit will appear "INIT“ on the display


If anyone else has issues with this soundbar, I hope this helps.

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Thanks for sharing, @steca41!

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This issue is solved, I have another issue.

During a Film my soundbar suddenly stops giving sound. I Have a Samsung TV 4K QE75Q65TASXXN.

Only after reset of TV and sounbar it works again.

Is this also solved with this update?

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Thanks a mill completely resolved the problem. If anyone else sees this just follow this guys instructions.

Top man. Thanks.