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Q Series Soundbar right choice for classical music ?

(Topic created on: 24-05-2024 10:38 AM)
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Hi everyone, 

I'm a fan of classical music and would like to know if Q series soundbars are adapted for this kind of music ?

I really don't want a "night club" effect !

Could you please give me return on experiences ?

Thank you very much


  • They're better specs than mine. I would have liked the q990b or q800b but prices go a bit too crazy for my room as it's next to a neighbour. I only mostly use it for movies, and anything past 30 is too loud. I feel Dts fills the room better than Atmos, as I only use an upscaling  Blu-ray Panasonic btp 180, and most blurays only have Dts. A 4k will give better Atmos, but paying £30 for films, and 300 plus for a player is not of interest for my needs. That 900a must sound really good, if you feel it's not good for your music, I'd reset it and leave it in standard mode while you calibrate it by ear.
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I actually started with the Q600, then tested the Q700 and then just jumped for the Q900A, but made the mistake of not getting the rear as a package, so added them later.

Yes urban living is a challenge, so I never listen beyond 10, but if anything a lower volume level is required due to sound coming from all over.

Nah I would never use it for listening to music as have a dedicated hifi, but I do use the TV with the Tidal app for music videos, that is where I looked at the Atmos issue just did not work, annoyingly on my LG TV in the bedroom it does work.

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There's just too many streams and contracts, and you don't know what content will be Atmos unless it shows. I use a Panasonic mini hifi now with dab radio usb and cd. I use an echo dot with Bluetooth for daily streaming, but this is no Atmos set up. You've been busy with soundbars though. I just didn't feel I'd use the WiFi of the 700, but I would like the upfiring speakers.