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PS-WJ7500 No Power to Subwoofer

(Topic created on: 25-11-2022 09:28 PM)
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I have a PS-WJ7500 and the subwoofer has suddenly stopped working. I can't seem to get it to power on and no LED lights on the subwoofer will show. I have a feeling the subwoofer has completely packed in.

The sound bar still works completely fine though. 

What are my options here, it's out of warranty so just wondering if there's anything I can do here?

I also have a question, if I was to buy a second hand samsung wireless subwoofer then if I follow the ID Link protocol then will it work with my sound bar?

Thanks in advance.

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Same issue with the same model number but before I had this issue of no power I was constantly having the sub disconnect from the sound bar after 5mins.

samsung service centre has miserably failed to resolve my issue but happily charged $55 to look at it and tell me what I already know “there is no power to the sub” didn’t open it, nothing. 

I asked Samsung Support on live chat what to do, they said the service centres can actually order a new sub via Samsung head office…. suggest you contact nearest service centre and ask them for a quote to replace or look on Facebook for another sub, has to be same mode number.