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Problem home cinema ht-j5500


Hi everyone . I am Italian and since about Thursday I am experiencing problems with my Samsung ht-j5500 home cinema. Practically the remote control no longer goes and the signal on the hdmi jumps repeatedly. the display alternates the word load and no disc. Wednesday the system worked perfectly. Other than soundbar. I connected it to the internet for the first time after 8 months to check for updates and the problem arose the next day. Can you help me solve it? I don't want to buy a soundbar and I want to stay with Samsung.


No not yet Samsung is working on an update


Good to hear that they are working for an update.

my question is how it is possible to apply update on our system, coz player screen is not stable (Load / no disc) .

Both soft reset / hard reset is not possible to apply


how shall we proceed?


I am in South Africa and have an HT-J5500K Home Entertainment System.

Same problem being experienced  since yesterday with the system cycling through boot process with DVD player alternating through LOAD and NO-DISK.  Cannot access the menu system and HARD RESET does not work.  Cannot play sound through system except when you select the TV SOUND OFF effectively disabling the HT system.  Smart TV will not recognise the HT-J5500K HDMI as a source.  Seems to me to be caused by a firmware/software upgrade problem.

I had the same question to the funny guy on samsung support. I told him, that it is not connected to the LAN and it is not possible to enter menu. He was just repeating againg and again, that they are working on it and I have to wait...So I'm waiting and I will call again in one week...
I have the same problem...

We're in the UK. Everything was fine until last night (29Jun). Now our J5500 just cycles through no_disk/load continually. How come, if it's been an issue for what looks like 2 weeks or more, the 'update' or whatever it is, is still being sent out. So ons said it may be about a licence problem which maybe more reasonable so I guess we'll just have to wait and see. If we're waiting, how will be know when it's fixed?


Licence problem ? 


Yeah. There's discussions about the blu-ray player and an SSL certificate/licence expiry. Could be misunderstanding the issue but whatever the issue is, it's a royal PITA.


It is a firmware issue based on this thread and the similar one in the USA community. But apparently @samsung only cares about your problem if you live in the UK or USA. Customers from other countries are left to their own devices. Contacted multiple centres in South Africa including their head office here without any joy. 

@Samsung. So it has been a week since taking the device in for repairs to the service centre arranged through Samsung SA. Got a call from Samsung this morning informing me to hold onto the device since they do not know how to repair it yet. When querying further this is what the caller informed me:
1) They don't have parts in our region (South Africa) to do any repairs as the devices have been discontinued.
2) They are waiting for more information from their head office as to how to proceed.
3) They don't know when they will have feedback.
Thanks for the call Samsung. Although, I must admit you are not changing my mind that you're treating customers outside of the UK and USA differently to the rest of the world and that our business are worth less to you.
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