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Placement of rear speakers for soundbar


Hello everybody

I have a Samsung HW-Q70R soundbar. We are sitting around 2 meters away from the soundbar (and the TV) on a sofa. The sofa is positioned at a wall and has a width of around 2.5 meters. Now I'm thinking about buying the additional rear speakers SWA-9000S together with the following stands:


We would place the boxes to the left and right of the sofa. The problem is that the boxes will be situated not behind us but to the left or right of us (because we are already sitting at the wall). Moreover, we are always sitting on the right end of the sofa, that means the right box would be much closer and probably above our heads (depending on the height of the stands).

Is this a problem or can these boxes still be a great experience?


By the way, does somebody know a better stand with is adjustable in height? Unfortunately we cannot mount the boxes on the wall because there are windows.


The DTS 5.1 surround sound test is now working. I converted it with Handbrake to mp4.


I got my rear speakers and just installed them. They are amazing, much better then I expected, of course for 5.1 content. For 2.0 content such as TV I don't hear a difference. I also don't hear a difference between adaptive sound and surround sound (for 5.1 and 2.0 content), but I will go with adaptive sound.


What settings do you have set for the soundbar? Especially the following settings:





center level

front top level

rear speakers level



I have set woofer to +3 and rear speaker level to +6.


It's great you are enjoying your new kit.


There is no perfect formula for those parameters.


They can be adjusted based in your room configuration. For example, if your rears are far away from your seating position you will need them to be +6. (Or if you have a crapy rear speakers that make almost no sound like the ones in my hw-q90r)


It also depends on the type of material you play the most. If you play mostly music , you would like to play around with treble and bass parameters.  Or, you prefer movies , then center channel is key for dialogues so put it +4+5+6. I love all the "boom" "crash" and "roars" so I put my woofer to +6 so the floor shakes with the subwoofer.


"Top level" are the atmos speakers, and those effects are always cool, put them always +6.


Thing is that you will need to compromise, and decide what is more important for you. Because by emphasizing one channel you will overshadow the others. You cannot put everything +6 .


it can play MKV with lossless audio (dtshdma, dolbyTrueHD). I use it a lot.

the problem is lossless audio requires eARC standard to pass the audio data to the soundbar.

back in april (it has been fixed in May/June 2020) the Samsung soundbars didn't support eARC. Back then the internal player would not play any audio. Update the speakers firmware and it will work (TV must obviously also support eARC)

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