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Ms650 soundbar

(Topic created on: 09-03-2019 11:22 AM)
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I have a samsung q9f tv and a ms650 sound bar, it has been installed for around 4/5 months now with no Bluetooth connectivity problems. I’m having to use Bluetooth due to forgetting to put an optical in the wall prior to plastering! Suddenly in the last week the speaker has been disconnecting and reconnecting and at some points just losing sound all together even though it remains connected according to the tv sound settings. I tried setting it up on WiFi which worked for about 20 minutes before that started cutting out and going back to sound from the tv speakers. I have spoke to Samsung and gone through there troubleshooting but this hasn’t resolved the issue and the next option is for it to be sent away for them to take a look at the sound bar. Was wondering before disconnecting it all whether anyone had had similar issues?