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Is is possible to use the Q90R soundbar to transmit over Bluetooth?


Hi all,

So I'm trying to find a solution where I can use my BT headphones at night when watching movies.

My Nvidia Shield Pro is connected to this very limited soundbar and the soundbar via eARC to my LG CX eARC.


When I play movies using the shield, the soundbar doesn't natively support BT transmission.

Since the soundbar doesn't have optical or 3.5mm output (Why would it? it's only 2020), I'm stuck at finding a proper solution.


Maybe someone here solved it somehow.

My TV has BT connection, so when I watch a TV I can connect to my headphones.

But when watching from the Shield, the soundbar is outputting the sound and I couldn't find how to transmit it to my headphones.


Connect the Nvidia to the TV and the TV to the soundbar

If I do so, I lose DTS because LG CX model dropped support for DTS and it cannot pass through DTS audio.

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