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Interferance 2 soundbars in 1 house, sound drops out, 4k Player looses signal over ayenet

(Topic created on: 13-09-2018 02:31 AM)
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Hi,  I have just upgraded our soundbar to the new 2018 HW N950 as it replaced our old Samsung HW 751. The movie player is Samsung 4k and the connection goes- Soundbar Arc out hdmi connets to the TV HDMI 3 ARC, the 4K player HDMI out goes to soundbar 1 HDMI in.


Issues are i reset the old soundbar (hold play/pause 5 sec on remote of soundbar) to disconnect from the back tv to have it set to the front room TV, (i dont believe it has reset and struggle connecting to front of house TV, it doesnt show in speaker list) the back room and new soundbar im using HDMI 3 ARC and so when i choose the source of this i have to go to ayenet and state use this source as Bluray player.


It then only shows TV speaker on the soundbar display even though i have tried connecting it via HDMI, it isnt showing Atmos as it is meant to with a movie playing and it is a struggle for the TV to maintain the connection to the 4k player. If i press volume up on tv remote it actually puts volume up on tv speaker and soundbar so there is connection but it reverts back to tv speaker playing same time. 


I feel interferance from the old soundbar at the front of the house is  playing an issue as it still shows in the sound list of the TV menu at back of hourse. The back TV with a 4 K player lasts for 5 min before it looses HDMI signat from Ayenet connection.


In our household front room Samsung 55" 4k tv 2018 now  inherited the HW751 and the back room has Samsung 4K 65" 2016 and connecting the new soundbar. The bedroom we have a 40" Samsung also2017 . When i turn on 1 tv they all turn on now cause of Ayenent. the common traint with them all there is 1 HDMI connection is split to all 3 tvs in the house for the cable box/satellite is shared between them all. So if i turn on front house tv it will turn on the TV in the bedroom as i feel the power surge running from the HDMI cable is going to all 3 of them then?


Also I have the Samsung Hub which use to work in multiroom setup as we have 4 other Samsung speakers in rooms M5, M7, R3, R5 as i was going with the type of house one would have like Sonos and multiroom music etc. I feel if i get rid of the hub as it doesnt seem to be needed for new speakers?


Now new soundbar uses only smartthings app and not the samsung multiroom app adds to complexity of old and new items coming together. another issue the TV wont connect to smartthings and it stated it was a 82" tv so something in licencing a miss here?


So how do i lock down a soundbar to be for 1 tv only and not interfere, how do i have HDMI 3 lock down the 4K/bluray player so i dont have to edit this each time as it tends to revert back to TV as this relies on the soundbar sending the signal based on 1 sound in and 2 HDMI inputs being shared into HDMI 3 Arc. How can a house manage 2 soundbars, and Ayenet and not turn on all devices cause one was turned on? How can all the speakers run in one happy family? Has anyone successfully used 2 soundbars in one household in seperate areas?


thank you


Hi, I believe you've solved the issue. However, in case, one of the solution for the issues is;


Letting the old soundbar reset by pressing vol"+" and "-" keys simultaneously and holding for 5 seconds or so till the display shows "INT".

Then all the information stored in the soundbar would be erased.


Anyway hope that you already have solved it.