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HW-T650 Sound Bar No Sound Through HDMI Arch - Stuck on "TV SPEAK".

(Topic created on: 10-02-2021 06:07 AM)
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hello, I just purchased and set up  this new Samsung sound bar. I'm having so many issues with it


I set up the cables and plugs EXACTLY the same way it showed me to on the manual. The problem? My TV [LG Smart TV] is not picking up sound from HDMI Arc. I have HDMI Cable plugged into HDMI Arc from Soundbar and TV. One point we did get sound working but it would cut out every 5 seconds and go through a weird cycle. 

Since then, it's changed settings to TV SPEAK. I can't get it out of this setting. If I select "Sound Mode' it says NOT AVAILABLE. 

The TV picks up the sound bar and the Arc connection, but the sound bar isn't picking up my TV ! 
Bluetooth devices work fine but I also want to use it as an actual sound bar. The sound that I heard before from it sounded amazing, before it was suddenly lost.


Here's what I have already tried:

- Turning it off and on again
- Unplugging all devices from the power point, waiting several minutes, plugging them back in
- Switching HDMI Arc ports
- resetting TV to factory settings
- calling up Tech support [they just told me to restore the TV to factory settings].

I have looked at other posts regarding this issue and I couldn't find an appropriate solution. 

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I tried hdmi arc from soundbar to TV. then apple and cable to TV not soundar. ensured TV was set to hdmi arc. FYI I also upgraded my hdmi cables. if that doesn't work...try plugging in your accessories into the soundbar and hdmi arc soundbar to hdmi arc TV.