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HW-S811b Soundbar Surround perfect, Voices really bad.

(Topic created on: 03-02-2023 10:34 AM)
First Poster

Hello dear community,

Maybe you can give me tips.

Yesterday I received the s811b in white and connected it to my 65Q95T via HDMI. This has replaced my aging Bose Soundtouch 220. At least that's what I wanted.

connection everything worked wonderfully. Of course Netflix and a BluRay with atmos thrown on right away.

The surround is incredibly good, powerful and phenomenal on all streaming apps and BD. Music via Spotify, even Alexa sounds fantastic.

But as soon as someone talks Ina movie with atmos or full Dolby, my toenails roll up. It sounds so incredibly thin, flat and completely lacking in volume. It sounds like I emptied 2 cans and am holding them to my ears.

How can it be that the language sounds so unbelievably like tin, but everything else around it doesn't?

I've tried many settings. With Q Symphony, and without. With voice amplifier and without. With SpaceFit and without - although I don't hear any difference with SpaceFit.


Also the sound modes surround, adaptive sound, Dolby virtual x, or game. It does change the sound, sometimes one better and sometimes the other. Each mode has its advantages but also drawbacks. but with the language remains the same uncomfortable.

Can you help me or give me tips?

Or are my ears so used to Bose or to the slightly larger tweeters of them? I'm not talking about the bass, but about the quality an volumeness of speech intelligibility


 TV: Samsung q95t hangs on the wall (has atmos support in the settings) also tried output on "passthrough" (if it was selectable)

Soundbar: put it on the sideboard under the TV to test it, the sound also changes drastically as soon as I just lift the bar. Maybe wall mounting recommended?


 Connection: eARC - tried hdmi and WiFi. Both work with the same quality. So I don't hear any difference between the two.