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I'm after a new soundbar to go with my Q80T TV,  wanted 'real' rear speaker but Samsung seem to have discontinued the SWA 9500 to go with the 70T soundbar.

Samsung agents keep suggesting the 90R but that's not Q Symphony compatible so have been waiting for the Q950T since it was released in June but still no sign of it in the UK.

Samsung sales suggested posting on here, not sure how the forum would know before Samsung but never mind, anyone able to answer?


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Hi Ken15.

I am in the same boat, when I enquired about this the person dealing with me checked with someone who i presume works in sales. and I was told that it should be available in the UK before the end of the year, but no dates yet. you would think Samsung would chase up enquiries like ours, because we can't be the only ones out there enquiring about it, especially considering the revenue their missing out on. so its a game of patience checking their website every now and then. The Soundbars are available in the US & Australia though so maybe it won't be that long a wait for us. Also I found an unboxing and a hands on review posted on YouTube. it is only been posted in the last couple of days, so it should be easy to find.
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It's available now

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