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HW-Q950A arc problem philips tv

(Topic created on: 11-04-2022 08:40 PM)
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In december we bought the Samsung HW-Q950A sound system and connected it to our Philips Oled804 from 2020. Everything worked fine and we were happy but without any warning this week the connectivity between the tv and soundbar is lost and its impossible to hear any sound from the tv on the soundar. We noticed this at thursday the 7th of april. Last tv update was 31 may. Tried new cables, reset both to factory settings and tried to connect to our other tv from philips, nothing happened. When we put the tv on the soundbar doesn't respond automatically but when we shut off the tv, the soundbar wil shut down also. This evening i connected it at a friends home to an samsung tv (2020) and it did connect immediately and worked. How is this possible?! Can someone help me?