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HW-Q90R soundbar does not pass through Dolby Vision HDR signal


Update:  I can get Dolby Vision passthrough now! You simply have to turn of the HDR10+ functionality on your Panasonic OLED: TV Settings>Setup>HDMI HDR setting>HDR dynamic setting>HDR10+ Functionality = off


I tried to connect my Apple TV 4K (ATV) to my HW-Q90R soundbar to pass through a Dolby Vision HDR (DV) signal to my Panasonic GZ1000 TV. I have also tried this with my Xbox One X (XB1). I was using the Netflix and ATV+ apps. Both devices fail to pass the DV signal through my setup and all I get is HDR10. However, I have read that others have had success passing a DV signal through. I have checked all my settings on all the devices in the chain and they are correct. I am using ultra high speed 8K 48Gbps HDMI cables.  I have also tried connecting the sources directly to the TV and then DV does work.  The problem is then I get really bad lip-sync issues when passing the sound through the TV to soundbar, which eliminates this setup as a solution. I am posting here to hopefully get some feedback from other people who have either successfully passed an ATV or XB1 DV signal through their HW-Q90R and also those that have failed to do so. I am interested to see what TVs, video sources and apps you are using, especially  when using ATV or XB1. I find it very frustrating  and annoying that two common sources can't be used with their optimal video signal considering that the HW-Q90R is Samsung's flag ship soundbar.

I know it does not support , what I meant was any setting in this case hdr10 that needs to be disabled to pass the DV through .

But as I said if in the c9 works , it should also work in cx

wrong post

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