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HW-Q90R - Q9FN - XBOX one X (Dolby Atmos)

(Topic created on: 04/02/21 18:08)
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Audio & Video

Hello all, my first post here hopefully someone can answer this for me please.

I have the above hardware and I’m trying to get Dolby Atmos to play through my sound bar with no joy at all.

Ive tried multiple connections but just can’t seem to get Dolby Atmos to work in fact I can’t even get the TV one connect box to establish a connection to the sound bar at all using HDMI. (The soundbar will connect via wireless both WIFi and Bluetooth work though) 

My current set up is SKY Q and Xbox to the sound bar (HDMI input 1-2) sound bar to the Tv one connect box via HDMI arc out to HDMI 4 Arc in for the one connect. 

If I solely use the one connect box for all the inputs I get everything without Dolby Atmos this is something I’m aware of due to the TV having no support for Atmos. I thought that routing through the soundbar to the TV I would be able to receive Atmos directly to the soundbar (sky/Xbox) then get the picture to the TV via HDMI arc out. The TV will not recognise an input for the HDMI 4 arc in??? 

Sky Q >> HDMI 1 .Soundbar 

Xbox >> HDMI 2. Soundbar 

Soundbar HDMI Arc out >> HDMI 4 Arc in One connect 

Can anyone suggest a fix for this or is it something that can’t be done? Many thanks in advance