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HW-Q90R Disconnects!


Took delivery of this brand new product on Saturday only to find I'm one of many reporting that it has a fundamental problem. 


It disconnects from the Sub and both Rear speakers when it's turned off. Power cycling the Sub and the Rears will reconnect them but this is unacceptable in a product costing £1500.


Samsung, please respond and let us know that you're aware of this (unbelievable if you're not) and what action is necessary to make this product function correctly. Either a firmware update or an acknowledgement that we might have a faulty batch and require replacements. 


See this link for how widespread this has already become:


Please  respond. 



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After Frirmware Upgrade 1008 with the USB key, when I connect my smartphone with Smart Things I got



Is Plugging version 2.2.39 the last one ?


Thank you for your answer.






I don't know if it is the last onen but I have exactly the same one for ages. Only difference is that i have the firmware 1007.9, and when i click on Firmware update, it show HW-Q90RWWB-1007.9 126R.

Since i updated the sub and satellite in 136 in august 2019 and it is working perfectly since then, i disabled the auto update and won't perform any update




I,m on HW-Q90RWWB-1007.9 126R and my Subwoofer must be manually linked every time I turn off the soundbar some ouers. Sometimes even if the stupid auto shot down kick in when you pause a video. I bought the Soundbar direct from Samsung.


Two FW-update fix it. Sometimes all speakers dont get the update on the first trye. And the mobile app do not help, only download to a usb-stick and get it that way help. This way is not good for those who are not interested in technology. Samsung has to think about this and fix it to make it easier.


This message goes out to everone who has a disconnect problem.


I had major problems after purchasing then i got to know the knack of re-sync, i am on the same latest factory update  and all works well actually all my speakers are always on except sound bar.On the very now odd occasion i have to re sync i lookup the Samsung support page which reminds me and does work. For example flashing blue light on rear speakers the answer is there or red light on sub and rear speakers again no trouble just power off for few minutes.  i do Iagree when working this is a great sound but can be frustrating and due to poor support from Samsung support guys  (my personal impression) makes matters worse for those who dont troubleshoot themselves. 


So to conclude i dont use USA firmware being in the UK and have no problems if you are not sure take it in to Samsung etc but dont put up with any ***** for a £1,500 premium hwardware. BUT its still at the moment best sound bar on the market. 








The only concrete and effective solution to avoid disconnections is to update the HW-Q90R soundbar and the three other pieces with the 1008.0 USA firmware version. I made this in Italy for my model HW-Q90R/ZF, considering that the hardware, motherboards and all other internal components of the soundbar are the same for Europe and USA markets. 

Don't lose your time, with 1008.0 firmware the soundbar is perfect, no disconnections and finally a working Bluetooth. 


Looking at all the posts on this site it is clear that Samsung don't look after their customers when it comes to this sound bar system.


I was actually going to go to RS and buy this today. However, after reading the issues with the disconnect I'm going to pass.



Thank you to everyone who has posted on this thread you saved me a fortune. 


Right decision! Hope Samsung is reading it and will realize why other brands are beating its products...

Didn't work for me 😡

Is there a solution to this issue. My soundbar worked great for upto 2 months. Sound bar hits choppy sounds very often fron rear Speakers..never had this issue for the last 2 months until i looked up this forum. FW is 1008


I am understanding that several people are not following in the right way the instructions to update correctly and completely the firmware of the soundbar HW-Q90R and of the other 3 pieces. As I posted before there are a detailed pdf and a good video for the right update. 

In any case for some people could be a bit complex or difficult, especially the update of the 3 pieces (sub and 2 rear speakers). I suggest to Samsung to inform its assistance centers to help customers to update for free and quickly them. The HW-Q90R is the best Atmos DTS soundbar at the moment and could be a good solution to not lost customers for a simple technical firmware issue. 

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