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HW-Q90R Disconnects!


Took delivery of this brand new product on Saturday only to find I'm one of many reporting that it has a fundamental problem. 


It disconnects from the Sub and both Rear speakers when it's turned off. Power cycling the Sub and the Rears will reconnect them but this is unacceptable in a product costing £1500.


Samsung, please respond and let us know that you're aware of this (unbelievable if you're not) and what action is necessary to make this product function correctly. Either a firmware update or an acknowledgement that we might have a faulty batch and require replacements. 


See this link for how widespread this has already become:


Please  respond. 



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Hi Hebe


Ive tried to unzip using Winzip, keeps staying as .exe file.

First Poster

Is 8000 firmware safe to use for european users?


Jep used it and works :smiling-face:




Can anyone please explain all the steps one by one? how o install new firmware by usb drive? 

- do we need to turn off everything or only rears and sub?

- which buttons we need to press to update or only through smarthins app?

- how to factory reset the soundbar? 

Looks like I am missing something and don't work properly.


Thank in advance.



as you found the place to download the firmware, simply do all the steps written down in the upgrade guide.

why people ask the same question again and again? it's written down.


here again the download link for the upgrade guide:


thanks #


Even After Latest firmware update 1.008 the rear and the subwoofer sometimes disconnects.


The firmware download is for PC ONLY, I’m on Mac but I successfully installed the exe on the usb flash.

The procedure described in pdf doesn’t match my update experience (after powering on the soundbar and holding down arrow on the remote, only “Update” flashes on the display for several minutes.

Then the soundbar restarts. No confirmation of update or firmware number on the soundbar display.

The only way how to see the actual firmware number is Through the Smathings app where I have the latest 1.008.


I Did the procedure of setting new ID channel several times or resetting the soundbar settings. The disconnecting appears even after that, irregulary and after switching off the tv or changing or pausing Netflix or changing movie on Netflix. Then I have to powering of the tv, the soundbar and sometimes I have to proceed the ID channel or resetting procedure .


I DON’T hear any difference when I change The settings of bass, treble or volume of rear monitors on the remote (if they work). So if I watch movie with low volume (5-9) no rear effect 


After firmware update the “adaptive volume” doesn’t work well at some 5.1 movies. Then I have to switch to “Standard” or “Surround” to hear effect of rear monitors. Before update the “Adaptive sound” was always the best sound.

When I set the rear volume on max,  I don’t hear any change.


Samsung is the only soundbar with top rear monitors that’s why I don’t want to return it. I have 30days for returning so I hope that Samsung will help me hear or update better firmware.


I’m very disappointment with Samsung with this experience.


Before I had LG SK10Y soundbar with no disconnection problem.


On my second tv I use Bose with no problem.


I would like to know:

  1. How to return to default firmware
  2. Exact firmware procedure for this soundbar and for Mac users
  3. Why the changing levels of rear monitors on the remote doesn’t reflect. With Listening movie with low level I don’t hear the rear monitors.
  4. Why the rears and subwoofer is disconnecting and what shall I do to fix it.
  5. Why the adaptive mode doesn’t work the best for 5.1 movies like before the firmware update.


The support in my country advised me to buy latest Samsung tv :smiling-face: I have the Sony 2018 model with Android 8 .

The second advise was to try different hdmi


Third reset my tv to default...


No change. So do I Have to really buy the newest Samsung TV ? :smiling-face:








Have you also updated sub and rear speakers after the soundbar update to 1.008. Had to press the down button for more than 6 seconds on the remote and then it updated one speaker after another (took around 10 mins)


Thanks for fast respond.


In the Firmware Guide manual on Samsung web is Firmware update described for main unit and rear with subwoofer separately. 


A sequence of “UPDATE” → “BYE” → “ON” never appeared on my display ... only  flashing UPDATE for several minutes. Then the soundbar restarts.


What is then the complete guide to firmware update?


In Smathing application I can see the latest firmware, but not specified if this is for main unit only or fo rear and subwoofer too.

Since my update onm Friday I have not experience any issues with the soundbar. I followed the steps as per the 0000 download instructions. 

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