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HW-Q90R Disconnects!


Took delivery of this brand new product on Saturday only to find I'm one of many reporting that it has a fundamental problem. 


It disconnects from the Sub and both Rear speakers when it's turned off. Power cycling the Sub and the Rears will reconnect them but this is unacceptable in a product costing £1500.


Samsung, please respond and let us know that you're aware of this (unbelievable if you're not) and what action is necessary to make this product function correctly. Either a firmware update or an acknowledgement that we might have a faulty batch and require replacements. 


See this link for how widespread this has already become:


Please  respond. 



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Got my replacement unit last night.  Worked fine for about an hour and then when i changed input from Blu-Ray to TV the SW and rears turned off, even when i went back to Blu-Ray.    I updated the firmware to 1006 by usb but it didnt make any difference. Retailer said that Smasung have confirmed that there is another update coming, but Samsung level 2 say they know nothing about that.   I cant believe that no-one from Samsung monitors this site!

My Retailer has advised that Samsung are willing to make a once off on site service call to ascertain if I have plugged in the HDMI correctly. (considering I am ccna certified, I think I got this one).
If I have setup the unit correctly they may consider a replacement.  WTF?
I thought I was buying a premium item, not a box of mouldy apples!!
Considering the global situation of this unit, I see no reason that legal action isnt appropriate now that Samsung continue to lie  about this very dodgey piece of harware,
As yet, Samsung have not contacted me about an in home service call as promised.

Same issue here as well. I noticed that when you play Dolby's Atmos App on Xbox One, the rear speakers don't work until you power cycle the Soundbar. Super frustrating.

same problem here.


reconnect issues every day. the solution works for a maximum of 12 to 24 hours. 

bought directly on samsung online store.


customer support is sooo bad. of course you can send it in to repair (as we know already, they can't fix it by now).

asked for a new soundbar. send one and take the first one directly with you. no way.


you have to send it back first and then (germany) 2-3 weeks later you'll get a new one. "give us your money and get

nothing". Reading the internet some guys already have item number 3 and still the problems. so an exchange wont



i only can cancel everything. here is your soundbar, give me my money. Unfortunately bad for both sides. no money

for Samsung and a sad customer. but they are not interested in our mood. 


had serveral chats with the customer support, talked to the hotline, 2nd level support and even special customer support.

they sound bored and not willing to give you a solution or help.


premium product? who cares! Disappointed as much as possible. thought of buying a new QLED this year, but

will have a look for other brands as Samsung doesn't need my money. 

Thought I was losing my mind! Same problem!! Support tells me to take it all back to retailer (Best Buy) to exchange for a working unit. BS! Not an attempt to even diagnose the problem. One request from support to me: take it back. 

I took the 950, I found a good offer here in Switzerland and I took advantage of it, paid only 1000 CHF, apart from the sub and some function does not change much between the two.


All the same problems that everyone else has, seems when you power it off and then come back next day and turn it on it cant remember it has rears or a sub, blue light on but no audio or it loses connection with the rears. I returned my RH speaker to the retailer who swopped it out for his that was working, now he has the same problem and is working with Samsung UK. They are taking his unit back for testing !!!


At least they are looking at it but not admitting its a problem apart from turn the speakers on and off every day !!!


Samsung need to sort this I purchased it the day it was released at £1500 its not a 60 pound soundbar from the pound store. Disappointed as my Samsung 65" Curve TV was £3k now this, vested in Samsung but now thinking should have gone Sony.




At the moment 


Until we receive the original one back for investigation we cannot comment further on what the root cause is of what is being experienced by our mutual customers.

For now we would request patience from both you & our mutual customers while we investigate the problem & seek an urgent permanent solution.

In the meantime we believe simply powering the affected speaker (s) Rear (s) & or Sub-Woofer Off then back On will restore operation without requiring to go through the whole connection procedure.

While not ideal, it will allow the customer to enjoy the new soundbar & give us some time to implement a permanent solution.


Have similar issue, when coming back the next day the rear right speaker is on with the blue connection light however no sound out. Require to power down and then power up that one speaker and will then have sound out.

When you turn the system off the Left Rear speaker and Sub flash the blue light as its disconnected however that right rear speaker continues to show constant blue connection light.


Shouldnt have to reboot everytime, this should be fixed - for a $2k product here in Australia not good enough.



I think it only fair that Samsung compensates all affected customers for this very obvious misrepresentation of their product.

They have lied to us all for monetary gain & falsley advertised a very inferior product at exorbitant prices just to line their own pockets with gold


yesterday I received my N950, I did not risk for the q90r given the problems described here, I can say that at the moment no disconnection of the sub and rear speaker has happened, the only criticism I can make and for the rear speakers, the volume does not it is adequate for the frontal part, although the volume of these is at +6 db and the lower front part is difficult to hear them apart with very strong effects. Sometimes when watching an atmos film you seem to have only the front, you agree that you have rear speakers only when an effect arrives. I wonder if the q90 suffers from the same volume problem, apart from the problem of no connection after the standby. Thanks for the help, if someone can recommend the volumes to be dictated for the front to balance it with the rear. I use Apple TV 4K for viewing.

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